Our Story

The colour Navy represents openness and symbolizes trust, faith and heaven. In some cultures, it is the colour of mourning while in others it means love. It is believed to create a sense of calm during a time of crisis, to open the flow of conversations between loved ones and to gain the courage to speak from the heart. The name James represents a love for family and community. 

Navy James started with one mission in mind. We want those that are experiencing miscarriages, stillbirths, infant loss or with whom are going through fertility treatments or Postpartum Mood Disorders to feel love + supported. We envision a future where every family has a platform to discuss their feelings openly and to know someone understands their grief. We want to help those who have loved, lost and are hoping to fill their empty arms with life. We want to grow conversations around Pregnancy, Infant Loss and Postpartum Mood disorders and the impact they have on families. 

“My water broke, all over the grocery store floor.” “I craved doughnuts and strawberries for 3 months straight”. “My wife pushed for 3 hours”. Have you ever been in a room when the topic of pregnancy or the birth of a child starts. Everyone wants to share their story. To the woman, biting her lip, with the nervous stomach and the dull ache in her heart, the woman who has experienced a first trimester countless times and would love to share her story but doesn’t. We hear you.

Blogs, pregnancy books and webMD. The 3am internet surfing with every tiny change in her body. Calls to your doctor, your best friend, your partner and family. To the partners researching every little detail about your wife’s pregnancy and labor so this time, you’re prepared if something goes wrong like it did before. We understand you.

Anger, frustration, sadness or grief. All you want to do is talk about it but you also want to be alone with your thoughts. You want to have a baby and try again but the idea of losing another is unbearable. Or you are now pregnant and the anxiety sneaks in. To the families who could use some support. We've got you.